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Energyra® EclectIQ

Small roof, large yield

When every square meter of roof surface counts (and when doesn’t it) modular efficiency (KWh/m2) is essential. Energyra® EclectIQ solar panels offer an unprecedented module efficiency, in addition to the unmatched back contact technology efficiency. The number of panels can be saved, but even better: yield can be increased with additional panels at the created space. Isn’t that always a great idea?

Black modules no busbars

Back-contact tochnology allows playing with design.

Energyra solar panels are designed to meet the best standards in the industry. Or surpass them. Nothing less and nothing more.


In order to be able to offer a solution for both residential and commercial end-users, Energyra produces several types of designer-modules, with peak power values ranging from 345 to 370 Wattpeak (Wp). And more to come.


Still compact (1683x1023 mm), light (17,6 kg) and with an incredible power density, resulting in maximum power harvest for residential and commercial environments.


Energyra solar modules combine innovative MWT cell and module technology of the highest quality to achieve high efficiency, excellent weak light performance and durability under dynamic weather conditions. 

The lack of busbars, tabbers, stringers ensure a more sturdy module while increasing the actual power harvest with  architectural design.

All benefits at a glance

MWT - PERC solar cells

More net surface to generate power

Each solar cell converts sunlight into electricity. PERC monocrystalline cells are known for their broader spectral response, allowing them to generate lots of power in the early morning and late afternoon light as well. Combined with MWT (Multi Wrap Through) technology, the cells have a larger working surface that is exposed to the sun than conventional cells. Busbars are unnecessary. Above all: busbar-shading is completely ruled out!


More working surface


More efficiency


Minimized micro-crack risk

More robust than conventional modules

Small cracks in solar cells are impossible to see with the bare eye, but can really impact the performance of a PV system. Most solar cells are composed of very thin silicon wafers, usually around 0.15 - 0.20 mm thick. Pressure or stress can induce micro-cracks. Newbies in the solar industry often unknowingly create micro-cracks by throwing boxes of gear on top of stacked panels or even balancing panels on their heads as they walk towards a ladder. Standing or kneeling on panels during installation is also a contributor to micro-cracks.


Energyra backcontact modules are more robust than conventional modules because of the integrated Conductive Backsheet (CBS). This innovative copper design ensures optimal contact with an incredible number of contact points across the entire cell. It acts as an additional (metal) environmental barrier to protect the cells and keep them sturdily in place, and actually strengthens the contacting architecture. If a micro-crack should occur, the cell will still be in perfect contact with the copper that conducts the energy, effectively designing the negative effects of microcracks out of the module. 

Quality cells combined with high-quality European solar glass and sturdy frames makes Energyra modules virtually immune to micro-cracks in real-life conditions.

DSM Anti-Reflective Coating 

Simply catching the sun better

Our modules are fabricated with Royal DSM's AR coating (nowadays part of the Covestro portfolio). This provides an improved 'angle of attack' effect. The result? Less reflection, and the generation of more solar power. Especially when the sun is low: in the early mornings and in late afternoons.

Many of the standardized specifications in the solar industry solely show measurements made with perpendicular incident light. But in practice, circumstances are never this ideal. Energyra solar panels perform way better, especially when the light falls in at a low angle, which is often the case in many Northern European countries. A reassuring thought! 


Up to ... more gain

<150 nm

Is the thickness of this unique nanocoating

ECLECTIQ specifications


Elctrical Specs

Energy yeild per module

kWh/ year


Max. power

Pmax (Wp)


Open Circuit Voltage

Voc ( V)


MPP Voltage

Vmpp (A)


Module Efficiency



Maximum Series Fuse Rating




Short Circuit Current

MPP Current

Maximum Circuit Voltage

Pn (Wp)

Ics (A)

Impp (A)


0 / +3%






Module Dimentions (LxWxH)

1683mm x 1023mm x 33mm

Cell size

162.75mm x 162.75mm, 60 per module

Cell interconnect

Leadfree interconnect

Cell type



Black, Fluorine free, PFAS free

Junction box

IP67 class, with 3 internal bypass diodes, double insulated 4mm solar cable and Stäubli MC-4 connectors





18.2 kg

3.2 mm tempered, ironfree, antimoyfree, AR coated

Photo-thermally stability improved EVA

Anodized black aluminium with chamfered edges for minimal dirt build-up


Thermal Chara


43ºC +-2

Temperature coefficient Voc ß

-0.28% / ºC

Temperature coefficient Pmax Y

-0.36% / ºC

Temperature coefficient Isc A

0.06% / ºC



IEC 61215

Electrical Specifications

Connectors, cables, diodes, power, hotspots, irradiation, PID, hail, bypass, leakage current

IEC 61730

Product Safety

Temperature, humidity, UV, mechanical & fire load, impulsive voltage

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