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Eas Solar 450w-540w

Product Warranty
12 years

Production Warranty* 25 years

*80% of initial production

450w - 540w

144 cells

1.038  x2.094 x 35mm


1.133 x 2.256 x 35mm


Download the
Data Sheet here

- EASOLAR photovoltaic panels
- Maximum power: available in 450 and 540W
- Monocrystalline Silicon Panel
- PERC Coating
- 144 cells (6x24)
- MBB Technology: 9 bus bars
- Half-Cut cells (split cells)
- MBB and Half-Cut technologies reduce thermal resistance losses and the risk of hot spot damage, and
improves performance in hot climate zones. 
- The panel is divided into two groups of cells so that if one part is shaded one part is shaded, the other part will continue to produce normally

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