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Energyra® IconIQ

The future is now

The electrical contacts of the Energyra IconIQ module are integrated on the back (back contact): no ribbons and no wiring at all. There is nothing to cover the cell, not any shade: light absorption is absolutely stretched to the max.


This innovative technology, invented by our partner ISC Konstanz, is reaching even more yield in combination with IconIQ’s smooth, elegant and uninterrupted black design. The black back sheet and frame are the icing on the cake. IconIQ is particularly suitable for residential applications and buildings with a high architectural value, or locations where optimizing power density of the PV system comes first.

Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg

A solar module
with a European heart...

Energyra is fully committed to bring the production of solar modules and the associated chain of materials back to Europe. We cannot achieve this by ourselves. That is why we have partnerships with leading European research institutes, such as ISC-Konstanz and TNO. We also have technological partnerships with DSM-Endurans and SPP, to name a few. The IconIQ solar module is the direct result of this. A great mix of European technology, materials and production is no longer a dream.

Back contact Technology by TNO

The module design is based on back contact interconnection, an industrially proven concept that was developed in the Netherlands by ECN (now part of TNO).

Back contact modules realize superior power outputs, because of their low cell-to-module loss factor and their superior robustness against thermo-mechanical stresses. Additionally, they offer an inherent capacity to dissipate heat, which allows them to ‘run cooler’ than conventional tab string or wired modules.

The form factor is more flexible than that of conventional modules, which makes back contact modules easier to integrate. They also facilitate desirable aesthetic designs.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 135627.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 125245.jpg

ZEBRA Technology by ISC Konstanz

The solar cells in the module that drive its high performance are based on the ‘ZEBRA’ IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) technology, developed by ISC Konstanz. This lowest cost IBC technology reaches efficiencies of over 24% in production. The current technology even reaches voltages above 700mV, without the need of passivating contacts. 

IconIQ will become commercially available very soon!

The IconIQ module is based on ZEBRA interdigitated back contact (IBC) cells, a concept developed by ISC Konstanz aimed at reducing production cost for high efficiency back contact technologies. The cells have been shown to reach over 24% in production, and while they still likely cost a little more than the industry standard silicon PERC modules they offer further advantages in operation.

Irresistible aesthetics

Powerful performance

Image: ISC-Konstanz. A close up of a Zebra-IBC cell. Characterized by the smooth, non-metallized and uninterrupted surface, the backside of the cell is a next era, high-tech silicon product.

“Back contact technology could become mainstream for rooftop, building integration, and for product integration, as there are several advantages that clearly overcompensate past drawbacks,” commented ISC Konstanz’s Radovan Kopecek, "Back contact is offering the unbeaten premium in PV manufacturing nowadays. In the past, one of the major drawbacks has been the higher cost of IBC technology, which we have addressed now with our highly efficient, low-cost ZEBRA cell technology. Energyra proves we can start high volume PV production in the EU, with combining the best technologies of EU´s leading institutes in the near future.”

“The IconIQ solar panel combines two high-quality technologies, and offers many advantages, such as lead-free, solder-free contacting and greatly improved robustness,” says Energyra Europe’s Daniël Kuijk. “Our panel is not only lead-free but also free of fluorine and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which is not the case for mainstream solar panels. To achieve something like this, you need the entire value chain.”

The consortium behind the IconIQ module comprises Dutch module manufacturer Energyra, working alongside research institutes TNO (former ECN) and ISC Konstanz.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are IBC solar cells?

Is that much more expensive?

Who developed Zebra-IBC?

IBC stands for Interdigitated Back Contact. The energy conversion takes place on the contacts on the back of the cell. This eliminates the well-known busbars or patterns on the front. As a result, there is more surface area to absorb sunlight, in other words more photons are converted into electrical energy.

With all high-efficiency solar panels, the solar cells make up the largest part of the production costs. The increased yield of IBC cells justifies its application, especially when it comes to application in the built environment. Small roof, high yield.

Zebra IBC technology is 'the next big thing' in solar panel technology. It was developed by ISC Konstanz, the knowledge institute at Lake Constance in the field of solar technology. Read more at 

Its low-temperature coefficient (-0.3%/°C), adds 3% of power, even in average operating conditions. 
Moreover, the inverter is switched on earlier in the morning and switched off later in the evening,
thanks to its improved low light performance.

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