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SAVE UP TO 50% on your monthly bill with Clean Energy Solutions

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Welcome to Clean Energy Solutions!
Check out our short business presentation below:

Worldwide over 50% of new power supplies are photovoltaic systems

The first usage of solar energy was to generate power for spacial satelites.

By installing FV solar panels for your home, you will be generating free, renewable power.
You will have fewer worries about the power prices going up and as a bonus reducing your Co2 footprint.

FV solar system for your home

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Many Government grants available

There are multiple incentives available.
You can get money back on the purchase of your pannels and batteries (per KW).
Please also contact your accountant about tax reductions.

Workers with Safety Vests

15+ years experience in the field

The owner, Peter Wolff, has 15+ years of experience with solar power. All of our employees are qualified and have full safety training to ensure all jobs are completed to the highest standard.

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